Ozone Dentistry

Ozone is O3, a tri-atomic oxygen particle and is as safe as oxygen when properly administered. The negative charge on ozone searches for and neutralizes anything with a positive charge. “Bad” cells including bacteria, viruses, cancer cells or free radicals typically carry positive charges on their cell membranes. “Good” cells will typically have anti-oxidants on their cell membranes and will deter surface oxygenation.


Periodontal disease: Flushing ozonated water below the gum line and/or ozone gas into the supporting tissues can be used to treat periodontal disease.

Decay: Ozone kills bacteria that cause cavities and because it is a gas, it diffuses and permeates areas below the gum line, into the grooves of teeth and will eliminate bacteria on contact. After ozone therapy effectively eradicates bacteria, a filling can be placed. Sometimes, no filling or restoration is necessary if the area is not too deep.

Sensitivity: Ozone gas administered to a sensitive or demineralized area on the tooth can harden compromised tooth structure and effectively eliminate sensitivity.

Safety: Ozone does not have any contraindications with other medications, therefore cross-reactions are not a concern at all. You cannot be allergic to ozone, because you cannot be allergic to oxygen.

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